Cayman Company Registration

Cayman Company Registration

The cayman islands located in northwestern 268 kilometers, Jamaica 640 kilometers south of Miami, the Caribbean, comprised of three main islands. Grand Cayman (Cayman) originated in the Caribbean, in the "crocodile" in Spanish people found the Cayman islands, are everywhere on the coast of crocodiles. The cayman islands of the tropical climate, winter climate is dry, the population is about 41934 person (2002), including floating population to population 34%, black, white and 20% of 25% for HunXieZhong 44%., English is the official language and language. Residents Christianity. Capital Georgetown.

Because the cayman islands for the British territory, the local government chief, by the British queen had appointed. Local residents can select twelve members of parliament, can legislation and responsible for the financial affairs on the island.


The cayman islands general information:

The government has long been the cayman islands are very stable, English is the official language.

The cayman economic

The cayman islands in the world is the only New York, London, Tokyo and Hong Kong's first five financial center, also is the world famous dive resort.

Finance and tourism is the main enterprise. Finance is the growth of tax law for class islands and account confidential encourage, the bank is registered in here and trust company is 500. The beautiful scenery and pleasant island climate became the most attractive tourist areas. The government under the heavy investment in the 1970s, tourism to the early 1990s grew 8 times.

The main industry is the cayman islands clergy and service, and architecture. Residents rarely farming, food more dependent on imports. Main crops are citrus and bananas and mango, plantain, coconut, sweet potatoes, d. and potatoes. Livestock feed mainly beef and poultry. The government management, production, a domestic turtle shell and turtle meat and skin. Export rarely. Stamp duty is also source of income. Mainly imported machinery and equipment, transportation and other manufactures, fuel and food.

Cars and buses are the main transportation cayman islands. Main port is George city. The cayman airlines to Jamaica and American airline service, domestic flights to the island. International airport is located in big cayman and cayman braque.


The cayman islands in 1978 received a royal decree, laws and regulations, the cayman islands of tax exemption forever, so, the cayman islands obligation completely without tax

Both for the individual, company or trust industry are not levy any tax. Therefore, it also won the title of the tax havens

Foreign trade

With the tourism and financial income and foreign remittance to compensate for the huge trade deficit. Mainly imported machinery, transportation equipment, food and fuel. Main export fish and flowers.

The cayman islands is famous offshore company registration, and BVI, Bermuda and called one of three offshore island of registration, the most revenue from this part. While most people know the cayman islands is because he's famous offshore and tax registration.


Currently, northwest, pan cayman airlines, American airlines and cayman between, Miami and about 1 hour flight.

Little cayman island in the cayman islands, and financial services, is the worldwide, and significant influence on large scale of the cayman islands and the universality of the Caribbean far central islands. Residents of the cayman islands, are employed by 70% of financial and commercial related industry.

The cayman islands, mainly lies in its prosperity to revise the law, in order to keep its in finance, insurance, commercial aspects of leadership. Currently the world's famous 588, established in the bank branches, financial services, totaling approximately absorbed from all over the world, 4 billion usd 1 thousand five million of the deposit. Another is OuBi cayman main market of global trade, the local currency in the cayman yuan fixed exchange rate of RMB $120.


The company was registered cayman

1 and the cayman company completely confidential information,

2 and business operation is convenient, the cayman corporation tax system is reasonable,

3 and the cayman company annually held on schedule without shareholders or directors,

4, financial services, the company USES no phyletic and various restrictions,

5 and the world leadership, its policy for listing,

The cayman company registered

1, determine the cayman company name,

2 and provide at least a director/shareholders, can be natural person or legal person, and nationality not, (such as legal person enterprise shall provide the company licenses) :,

The directors and shareholders, provide the address proof, namely the name and address listed with documents, such as water or electricity bills document,

4 and cayman company registration attorney, signed and provide all the directors Stockholders id or passport photo copies,

5, no special requirements of the cayman company name, but unless the privileged, otherwise not gotten trust by name, and that the word,

6 and standards for authorized capital general USD50000 yuan, can be divided into shares at $50,000 USD1,

The cayman company name

No special requirements of company name, unless the privileged, otherwise the company name cannot be gotten (BANK), MUTUAL TRUST, TRUST FUND () () (), INSURANCE, that REINSURANCE (re) or the word.

The cayman company tax requirements

Need not pay tax, or anything except the annual licensing.

The secret of the cayman company

In the cayman islands registration of overseas companies established, with highly secret sex, company shareholders completely not made public.

After the cayman company registered

Registration certificate; Legal registration documents, Articles of association; Stock; Legal record; Steel; Signature,

The cayman company registration service

1 and prepare relevant data and submit an application for registration,

2, the registration service fee USD3500, before applying pursuant to pay 70% (including the cost, documents, and legal service, agent)

3, about 30 working set new company completed the formalities



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