China Trade Mark Registration

China Trade Mark Registration

A trademark registration procedures:.
1 trademark registration to query: inquires registered trademark contains both in English and Chinese. According to the requirement of China, trademark applicant
Trademark bureau inquires identical or similar trademarks have already registered.
2. Design of the trademarks.
3 for trademark registration filed.

2 for trademark registration procedures:.
1, personal applications for trademark simply submit copies of id card.
2, the company should submit the application for trademark license (copy) a photocopy (license number clearly).
3, a registered trademark of the trademarks twelve (length and width is not more than ten centimeters, no less than five centimeters)
(1) such as trademark design for color, must provide the colored pattern and 11 and 2 copies.
(2) such as trademark design for black and white, need to offer and December.
(3) complete trademark registration attorney agency.

3 the time needed for trademark registration,.
1 year after application for trademark, the trademark office issued announcement sent, and preliminary trademark applicant.
2 trademark registration of the date of publication of three months later, the formal trademark registration certificate.
Trademark registration certificate won three time: all time for about 3-4 years.
4 for trademark registration book of acceptance by Chinese trademark bureau: time for trademark registration book award for acceptance of 3-4 months, you can use "label" TM,

A registered trademark is valid for how many years?
According to the provisions of the trademark law, the validity of the registered trademark for years, since the date of approval. Six months before the expiry of the validity of renewal and can pay the validity of each renewal fee, renewal for ten years. Unlimited number of renewal. If in this term, but did not apply to six months of wide extension. If KuanZhan period is still not renewal of registration, the trademark office will its registered trademark cancellation, and shall make an announcement.

Provisions for trademark opposition
Trademark opposition is actually the trademark law and the regulation of clear rules, and preliminarily approved for public opinion openly trademark law procedures, its purpose lies in the fair, open for trademark registration, trademark review counterpoising truly quality.
The content of trademark opposition range is very wide, including the trademark and preliminarily approved prior application of identical or similar trademarks, also including preliminary validation trademark violates the provisions of the trademark law of the disabled or trademark has no significant, but also includes the applicant does not have the application requirements, etc.
Trademark opposition could be anybody, namely: neither can be a trademark registrant, can also is a trademark registrant that can be enterprise, institution, can also is a person, can is a legal person or entity. Trademark opposition for the announcement of trademarks preliminary examination within three months after the date of application for trademark opposition to the trademark office please book a date shall prevail. The last day of the period of objection is postponed to the holiday, the holiday shall receive one working day.
Who shall deliver to trademark opposition of the trademark law, shall be in to dissent shall by the applicant, the trademark product category, trademark, the announcement date published trial period, and the initial number fill clearly.
Conversely, when the people of his trademark registration objection by the opponent, within the time limit can make answer
Fill in that
1. Fill in application form, please read carefully the notes on the type of application according to the requirements and instructions or fill in earnest.
2. According to a 2002 September 15, the implementation regulations for the implementation of the trademark law, the provisions of the second paragraph of article 15 "trademark registration and related documents, shall be typed or printed." From 2002 to September 15, the applicant for trademark registration and related documents must be typed or printed, for the trademark application, handwritten office and the trademark review and adjudication board shall not accept it.
3. The applicant may directly in the corresponding application on the type of input, then use A4 70g 210mm (x) paper printing 297mm. If an application is two pages, please use both print.
4. Due to the application type is fixed format, please do not change or change the format or application. If the applicant change or changes the format or application, the trademark office and position the trademark review and adjudication board shall not accept it.
5. The applicant shall be submitted by the name of the name and identification. Applicant enterprises, the applicant shall be with the address of the business license, but if the address of the business license of enterprise is not address euro31,533,000 provincial, city and county, the applicant must be the name in the address with provincial, municipal and county name, Application of artificial person, can fill in actual residence address.
6. The trademark registration application of "category" and "goods/services", the applicant shall be according to their goods or services provided by the trademark registration, refer to the classification of goods and services international (nice) and the eighth edition classified according to the classification of the changes of international similar products and services to fill in "table.
7. The application shall be affixed to the applicant's seal. The applicant is a natural person, should by himself with a pen or felt-tip pens in application.



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