Trade Marks Registry of the United States

Trade Marks Registry of the United States

Registered trademarks of the United States

Trade Marks Registry of the United States
•General tag (Marks in gerenal)Prelude""Microsoft" Nike's
"swoosh"Coca-Cola Term, name, symbol, modular design
that certain products or services such as: Prelude ","
Microsoft ", Nike's" swoosh ", Coca-Cola
•U.S. trademark (Trademark)
designated for use in products
Nike's "swoosh" For example: Nike's "swoosh" for use in footwear
• (Service Mark) Service marks of the United
States Trademark (Service Mark)
:"McDonald" Used for specific services, advertising examples: "McDonald" used in food
and beverage services
•Name (Trade Name)"Microsoft, Inc."
Name some of the special recognition from companies selling products, providing services such as the registration: "Microsoft, Inc." Microsoft Computer Corporation
•Certification mark
trademarks (Certification Mark)
To prove the source of products or services, composition,manufacturing methods, quality, quality, properties and characteristics such as: "UL" safety standards that the
United States
• (Collective Mark) Marked trademarks groups
(Collective Mark)
Collective Membership Mark Collective Membership Mark
"AFO-CIO" For example: "AFO-CIO" Labor Union
that the United States Trademarks and trademarks of the service group tags Collective Trademark and Service Mark Collective
For example: "ASLA" Table American
and American Society of Landscape Architecture
Registered trademarks of the United States that

Trademark Use: The United States first adopted the use of trademarks, and therefore to use more important than registration.
Trademark Registration: The application of the At the same time, prompted a need to use in the United States has proof, such as non-use of proven, the application must be registered before the registration will be sworn in how to use, and has been used in the United States to prove
Types of trademarks (trademarks are): that the self-employed commodities, and the wishes of the use of dedicated should apply for trademark registration. Service marks: Does it mean that the goods, but services provided by that.
Classification of the United
States Trademark Registration: The United States used the International Classification of trademarks.
Time the United States trademark applications: United States trademark applications for about 12 ~ 18 months.
Dedicated time to the United States Trademark Registration: The registration on the date of ten years, to apply for renewal after the expiry of the registration.
Notice the use of registered trademarks: Notice to be registered every five years after the first, notice is still relevant to prove the use or proposed. United States Patent and Trademark Invention
patents: the protection of life span of twenty years from the date of application, namely, from the date of registration of three and a half years, seven and a half and eleven and a half years. Required to pay maintenance costs, a total of three times pay. The need for direct review,approval was awarded a certificate of registration and at the same time notice.
Design patent: the protection of life span of fourteen years from the date of registration, without paying an annual fee.
U.S. trademark registration:
The United States to adopt the use of trademarks, and its protection from the date of the registration period for decades, may be extended several times each decade.
If you have to use the trademark in the United States, you can make an application in accordance with the actual use,but at the same time, as well as the use of evidence for
use in the United States.Will be approved soon in the United States trademark registration; not to use the trade mark, you can use to apply under the scheme, but must be made within six months after the approval of the use of certificates and the use of trademarks in the United States date, the use of proof of access to authorized the United States
before they can get a trademark registration.
(trade mark) Trademark (trade mark)
Compared to patents, registered trademark in the application procedures will be
relatively simple. Under the trade name of choice, to submit application for registration.
Not a registered trademark (register) to use, but officially registered trademarks of trademarks have the right to use the formal.Trade Marks Registry of the United States permit the right to use the time for six years.

U.S. trademark application process:
1) A registered trade mark the beginning of the United States Department of Investigation (Knock-out Search):
This is a worry too much about the initial steps to determine a lawyer, and through the computer screen to determine whether this trade mark has been used, after the search to understand the possibility to apply for a trademark application was approved by the .
complete the survey (complete Search): the adoption of the preliminary inquiries and prepare the future, if the trademark is likely to use lawyers to further study the recommendations of the legal profession. Time about 7 - 10 days.

3) The trial of cases registered trademark of the United States: a case of the
trademark application for registration fees, with Knock-out Search, Complete Search, an application fee of cases, lawyers fees of about U.S. around 2000.
If a similar case a few applications at the same time, you can save the cost of services. The whole case to the review published by the results of the application,it normally takes 12 to 18 months.If rejected, can be discussed in the study and then re-submit a new application.
If the event is not available for this trademark, we can consider applying for trademark registration sub, once it has obtained the trademark can also make use of five years.

•Registered trademarks of the United States should pay attention to matters
 (Secondary Meaning) 10-year
period of trademark, registered the first 5-6 years will have to submit evidence of trademark use of marks or a strong sense with the second (Secondary Meaning) mark can be registered directly mainly descriptive tags can have significance for second-tier subsidiary login

Foreigners registered trademark in the United States

U.S. trademark registration required documents:

1. Enterprise "business license" copies;
2. "Trademark registration," a copy;
3. To apply for trade mark images
4. To apply to the use of trademarks of goods or services;
5. The applicant's business name and
address in Chinese and English;
6. Company name, phone, fax.



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